Creating an Editorial Calendar: The Foundation of Your Content Marketing Strategy    According to a recent survey conducted by Gleanster Research, managing the overall content creation process was the single biggest challenge that most medium- and large-sized companies faced on a daily basis. To make matters worse, 36 percent of respondents indicated that they were […]

The Importance of Reputation Management

Companies used to be able to control a large portion of their message through advertising. Now, thanks to digital media, online reviews, and customers doing their own research, creating and maintaining a positive image requires much more subtlety and work. The importance of a positive image Customers naturally want to do business with companies they […]

Business Lessons from Willy Wonka

The story of Willy Wonka is a classic childhood favorite that people have loved for generations. From the books to the original movie version that was adapted in 1971 to its latest incarnation in 2005, the idea of this fantastic chocolate factory has entertained and delighted children of all ages. The story follows young Charlie […]

Pobodys Nerfect!

Whoops, spell check error, or maybe not? What happens when we make a mistake or have done something wrong in the eyes of our customers? Have you ever had a bad review online? Truth be told that no matter what happens on a program or a flier, if there is an error or omission, the […]

6 revealing words

    So there you are at your #1 client. The one, who trusts you, buys from you and loves your ideas! Suddenly she asks if you know where she can get ____ (fill in the blank) and your heart sinks. You respond, “Well, we can deliver that product for you.” Then come those 6 […]

24 Years and Counting

WOW! It’s true, 24 years of service in the Victor Valley. A lot has changed and change is still in the air. It’s not just the 24 years, it is the last 4 that are particularly special. You see 4 years ago on March 16th is when My wife Carol and I bought Mojave Copy […]